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(A message from our founders)

SJ (founder/artist): Puzzling together creates world peace, piece by piece!

Rani (producer): Puhleeease, we just want to eat pie with y’all!

Mike (software developer): Hold on. Need to feed my chickens.

Kendall (emeritus intern): You call this an internship???

Ruth (emeritus UX): ūüĎÄ

Okay, seriously. We welcome ALL of puzlkind to our table!

We invite you to enjoy our painstakingly¬†curated collection of Sarah Jane Lapp’s cardboard jigsaw puzzles and save yourself a seat in our art-obsessed live and virtual puzzle sanctuaries!

Expect a LOT of magic, a little mayhem, and maybe some mischief!

Why puzzles?

Putting something back together literally releases mood-enhancing dopamine and soothes dysregulated nerovus systems through co-regulation and shared flow. A jigsaw puzzle also offers a¬† salient model for inclusion: to complete the puzzle of community everyone’s individual piece matters.


Enjoy our live events including Puzzical Chairs & Pie with Live Music, Peace by Piece with Pie, and custom workshops tailored to your community needs.


Contact us to co-create a facilitated puzzle session for your organization. We have worked with universities, agencies, hospitals, design thinkers, grassroots organizers, scientists, pianists to promote connection, creativity, and community building.


Enjoy our multi-player jigsaw puzzle app which features dozens of lovingly curated jigsaw puzzles. You can play alone, or play with friends and family,meet new pals, and talk over voice chat.

No ads.

No jerks.

Chicken sounds included.


Join our puzzle community!

We’re funny, friendly, & respect your privacy.