welcome to

jigsaw puzzles for joy & justice

Welcome to Puzlkind!

We help visionary change makers
create world peace, 
piece by piece
in our art-filled puzzle sanctuary

Because changing the world takes its toll on the human soul. Because Humankind is not always, well, kind.

Hey, rockstar, you just won a major appeal border migrants?

Too bad your avoidant boyfriend just built his own wall…

Congratulations, you just installed 100 megawatt of solar

….if only you could remove the dark cloud hanging over your own head…

Well…at least you made it to Friday and can go on a vacation?

oops! we are back in pandemic lock-down…

Without justice for all there is no joy.

But without joy there is no justice.

All of our minds need a space to shake off the stress of every day.

What gives YOU peace of mind? How do you repair your soul?

The answer is different for every person…and changes day to day.

Puzlkind app offers peace of mind in all shapes, sizes, and piece counts –

for souls who need gorgeous solitude

we offer solo puzzling

for souls who need to be surrounded

we offer a safe space for shared flow 

for souls who need 

soft laughter,

sly wit,

and sometimes silliness

we offer facilitated puzzle sessions with our founding artist and co-Puz Puba, Sarah Jane Lapp

Where does this magic happen?

At the Puzlkind Puzl Table.

Our  multi-player jigsaw puzzle app features dozens of artisan jigsaw puzzles which you can literally play with friends while you talk to them. 

play with friends and family, meet new pals, and talk over voice chat.

Or don’t.

All done with people? Solo puzzling available, too.

Extrovert? Join our free in-app global Happy Hours!

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