Puzzical Chairs & Pie

We offer an intergenerational, interactive, inspiring, family friendly and festive experience that fosters new neural and social connections. We match participants with an initial puzzle partner to assemble an original Sarah Jane Lapp 24 piece jigsaw puzzle for the duration of a song. When the song changes, partners change, too! Delicious hand pies provided. LGBTQIA2S+ welcome.

Puzzical Chairs & Pie with The Vox Hunters at Innovation District Park Providence, RI

October 9th, 2022


This inaugural event was generously funded with a grant from Providence Innovation District Park.

“Congratulations on puzzling in the park!! My sister was delighted with the experience. I enjoyed very much meeting a wide variety of people, even one I may have danced with three years ago, and also the newest member of the Shakespearean Society.” ~ Joe S.

“It was so much fun today at musical puzzles event with Sarah Jane Lapp’s beautiful puzzles held next to the pedestrian bridge. It was so much fun!!” ~ Rep. Rebecca K.

“I loved the activity! Also: the blueberry pies were sooo good” ~ Liliana F.

“You had a good crowd there and everyone was having fun! Congratulations on a successful event!” ~ Helen D.

“It was so delightful!” ~ Michelle G.

This event was all ages, free, and open to the public

Puzzical Chairs & Pie with Skyjelly at The Point Tavern in Providence, RI

February 14, 2023


“I had an amazing time last night!” ~ A.J. R.

“I want to thank you again for a really fun, entertaining evening. I met so many interesting people!” ~ Kathy H.

“I had the most fun in decades!! When will you do this again??” ~ overheard 😉

We dedicated this singles mixer to making Valentine’s Day less loathsome.

Spring Soirée Puzzical Chairs & Pie with Skyjelly at The Point Tavern in Providence, RI

March 26, 2023

We celebrated Spring by bringing our community together with more puzzles, pie, and music – puppies too!