about puzlkind

We welcome you to Puzlkind, an intentionally ad-free, art-filled, and inclusive space where you can puzzle and talk with friends, family, peeps, and puzzle pals!


Created in response to multiple pandemics, Michael Ferrier and Sarah Jane Lapp developed this app to encourage well-being, promote equity and inclusion, and connect via co-creation. 


Multiplayer artisan puzzles with voice chat; 3D physics; piece rotation; auto-sort by color, edge, and section; piece count from 12 to 2000.

Participants choose acoustic amusements, mat colors, piece count, and, of course, puzzle image. Initial library of forty original puzzle designs from twenty years of painting – very personal, sometimes political, and often involving goats. They’re showcased by UX wizard, Ruth Chung, and 3D code wrangler, Michael Ferrier (founder of Puzzle Together).  App is translated into a dozen  languages.


New to Digital Puzzling? We offer a gift of three free puzzles, all features included.

Price per puzl: $.99 or choose bulk pricing

 Want to ensure access for all?

Become a  Puzlkind Patron with annual ($49) or LifeTime Access ($199)

Want Sarah Jane Lapp to facilitate a Puzzle Party for your company? 

Enjoy “Essential Pieces” Program with our institutional partner, TeamBonding

Puzl tov! Let’s celebrate our path to peace, piece by piece…


Puzlkind Events promote cross-cultural love and laughter, equity and inclusion, dialogue and delight. 


our team

Sarah Jane Lapp

Sarah Jane Lapp is an American artist. She also likes to help people laugh. Over the last twenty-five years she has made images for stage, page, screen, and bean, producing essay-films, hand-drawn animations, short plays, jigsaw puzzles, music videos, telematic productions, anti-fascist greeting cards, and photovoltaic solar installations. Living among turkeys, deer, and other people’s dogs, Sarah Jane uses comedy and compassion to generate free and off-grid renewable energy. 

Michael Ferrier

Michael Ferrier is a software developer and co-founder of IronZog, a gaming company. Mike entered the game development field via Turbine, a company composed of former and current Brown students. In 2002 IronZog published War of Conquest, the first open-world nation building strategy MMO, and had a successful nine-year run. After taking time off to earn his master’s degree in cognitive science in 2012 at Brown University, Ferrier returned to game development. In addition to puzzle apps he has also released Remote Viewing Tournament, an app that explores intuition.

Rani MacNeal

Rani MacNeal has been in love with science, research, and process as long as they can remember. Ecological and mathematical systems modeling light them up and they can share many maritime moments. They recently joined the team at Puzlkind and are excited to facilitate and nurture community building and conversation. Rani’s roots include Texas, Maryland, and every rock band that plays at midnight. When Rani’s fingers are not piecing together puzls in pursuit of peace and justice, they can be found creating henna designs in Rhode Island and beyond…

Kendall Krantz

Kendall is a senior at Brown who has been puzzling since before they can read. They love community-minded programming, vegan ice cream, and dog-watching at farmers’ markets.